Committed to the environment.

We are here to change the way of making swimwear.

Our mission is to inspire athletes to achieve their goals and to give the best version of themselves. Thanks to our swimsuits they will make their training sessions more sustainable and respectful of the environment without losing performance.

We reduce the carbon footprint.

This is one of the main problems that makes a company or an organization not sustainable, since it refers to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are generated. We aspire to become the swimwear brand with the lowest carbon footprint.

Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.

At Squali we believe that innovation is essential to be able to make our swimsuits truly sustainable, which is why we are committed to smarter production that also takes the environment into account.

Our traceability

The factories

All our manufacturing is European. This proximity allows us to considerably reduce our CO2 emissions in the field of transport. In addition, our fabric is produced in factories with the following characteristics:

Water cycle

The factory that produces our fabric has adopted a high-tech homogenization of wastewater aimed at reducing the amount of polluting agents before it is sent to the municipal treatment plant. In addition, a system has also been implemented that collects rainwater for use in the production process.


Only electricity from renewable sources is used in the production of our fabric. Currently, the challenge of producing electricity independently is met, thus reducing consumption and energy dependence.

Air quality

Efficient programs are applied to reduce emissions. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art plants, we ensure that our temperatures and emission values ​​are well below the limits established by law.


The use of recycled raw materials, the reduction of packaging materials and the recovery of non-hazardous waste have allowed us to reduce waste. We get to reuse and recycle 99% of our waste.

Our fabric.

Our swimsuits are made from recycled material that comes from plastic bottles collected from seas and oceans around the world.

Double positive impact.

We help the environment from 2 points:

We avoid that the production of our swimsuits is made exclusively with virgin raw material.

We help clean marine ecosystems, contributing to the development of flora and fauna in the area.

Our packaging

No matter how sustainable our product is, if we deliver the swimsuit to you in a plastic bag, it is useless. That is why our packaging is made from biodegradable materials, such as recycled cardboard.